30 Second High Bun with a Goody Spin Pin

I needed a quick style and ended up trying this bun on an old twist out. It took only a few seconds to achieve this style after I moisturized my hair.  I filmed the process here: http://youtu.be/-bUy31Vy6rM

This style was done on an old twist out. I sprayed my hair with water, added my leave in conditioner, a bit of curl cream and gel. I brushed my hair into place and gathered the ends of my hair. I twisted the ends of my hair into the Good Spin Pin and the positioned the pin in the center of my hair to secure it. I ended up with a pretty full bun in about 30 seconds after prepping my hair. I added a scarf to set the style.

Let me know if you try this style and how it works for you.

goody spin pin bun - back