Travel Hair Care Oct14


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Travel Hair Care

How do you keep your natural hair styled when traveling? I travel for work which means my hair products must be transferred into tiny 2 – 3 ounce jars unless I check luggage.  I avoid checking my luggage whenever possible since TSA has lost my luggage.  More often than not, I wear my hair in a twist out or a high bun when I travel.  My preference is a twist out but if the trip is a full week it may come down to what is most convenient.  It also depends on if I run out of hair products during the trip. For my most recent trip I took a small container of Curl Prep Sweet Buttah and Komaza Hair Care Aloe Leave In.  They both lasted for the full 4 day trip which is great since I cannot just pick up those products locally during the trip.

For international trips, I have my hair braided/twisted with extensions or I wear a wash & go or bun due to the climate changes and also because I know I can’t find my hair products locally.  I also check luggage for international trips so I tend to have a larger jar or bottle of product.

These photos are a before and after during my work trip.  Of course I travel with a bonnet.

travel hair - after travel hair - before