Swimsuit Haul – Freya bathing suits

We are going on a beach vacation soon for our wedding anniversary so I decided to buy a few new swimsuits. We are still getting snow off and on here in NYC and are excited to get away to some place warm. In case you have not used them, ASOS has free shipping as well as free returns. I did a video review here: http://youtu.be/PRdTlp7dU50

I like the style of my Miss Mandalay Boudoir Beach bikini so I went with a similar style when looking for a new swimsuit. I own Freya bras and knew their cup size swimsuits should fit.  All of the new swimsuits are by Freya.

The blue bikini style is called Caberet and the color is Ocean.  I ordered the boy shorts instead of the traditional bikini bottom.  The boyshort is size small and the bikini top is underwire, bandless in size 32F.

The Aztec like printed bikini style is called Belasco.  The top is padded and had no underwire.  It’s size 32F and the fold over bottom is size small.  The black band can be worn folded down or a bit higher to cover your tummy.

The red bikini style is called West End print.  The top is underwire and bandless, size 30G and the bottom is size small.  Like the Belasco, it has a fold over bottom.

I am happy with my choices and plan to keep all three swimsuits.