Shower Caps – Do You Need a Larger Shower Cap?

Have you been searching for a shower cap that fits?  Sure you have.  At some point, we all start looking for a larger shower cap as our hair grows longer and our curls get bigger.  However, finding larger shower caps is not as easy as one would think.  The video below is our shower cap “fashion show” with a few larger shower caps that we purchased.

If you are like me, you probably just use the plastic conditioning caps instead of a true shower cap.  In my case, I sometimes would use two conditioning caps.  Well, that is until my husband came across a custom shower cap company that sells stretchy shower caps that actually fit all of his waist length hair.  He found a seller online, Shower Caps by Je’Mere, and then we later found out that some of those same shower caps were at a local store.  We stopped by so he could see the shower caps in person and they really did fit…but the colors and patterns were not something he wanted to wear.  He just wanted a plain blue shower cap and not any animal print or trim.  He contacted the owner via email and they discussed his order off and on for a couple of weeks before they settled on his shower cap.  I found out later that he was trying to order one for me but the fabric was not in stock (or maybe it was the trim that I liked), so he just ordered one for himself.  It’s sort of a vinyl material with a hidden elastic band.  It’s pretty stretchy too.  His order was royal blue, not reversible, no trim, extra large. $20 + $5 shipping.

After his shower cap arrived, I used it a few times and than I set out to find something comparable, but for well under $25.  I came across reviews on youtube for thick plastic shower caps by Celestial Crowns Shower Caps and I decided to give them a try.  I ordered 3 shower caps, and in 2 sizes.  The smaller one did seem like it would fit all of my hair (I have twists installed) so I ordered 2 large ones just in case.  I did not have the option to try them on locally but the price was pretty inexpensive so I ordered 3.  I paid $7 for the smaller one, $10 for a large size and $12 for a different patterned large size.  After tax (NY state) and shipping, I paid $35.69 for 3 shower caps.

He likes the fact that his shower cap is stretchy and that it saves him time in the morning since he does not have to deal with putting on a couple of conditioning caps.  I like my shower caps because of the ease of use and the cute patterns.  I picked ducks as well as an Ed Hardy looking pattern and a more simple white & black pattern.  I use my duck shower cap everyday so it does show some wear after a month of use (pattern is peeling).  All in all we are both pretty pleased with our purchases.

So, if you are looking for a larger shower cap, just know that you do have options instead of doubling up on conditioning caps.


Celestial Crowns Shower Caps

Shower Caps by Je'Mere