Prabal Gurung for Target collection

I’m in Target regularly to purchase hair products; however, a NY designer that I have been watching for a while , Prabal Gurung, recently did a collaboration with Target so I went to check out the collection.  I had been eyeing his purple psychedelic floral sheath from the Spring 2012 collection and recall when Princess Kate Middleton picked that dress for a trip to Asia.   It retails for $1,995.  I was really excited to see this collaboration and I ended up trying on a ton of pieces from the collection since many of the pieces were available in my local store.  I did a video review here showing the pieces I purchased paired with my own shoes & belts:

Once I found the dress I really wanted, I did a part two here:

Ny local Target did not have one of the two dresses in my size, the Floral Crush dress that drew me into the clothing section of Target; however, I did buy the second dress, black and white pleated.  I also tried on a lot of the shoes since they were available in my store.  All in all I am happy with the pieces that I purchased and I hope Prabal Gurung continues this collaboration.  Nearly every item that I saw was under $50, with the exception of a leather jacket that was $199.99.  I was able to get a dress for $10.06 on clearance as well as a blouse for $8.76.

I ended up going to another Target and they did have the Floral Crush dress in my size.  Although I do think much of the collection will be on clearance soon, I did not want to risk missing out on this dress since it’s a limited collection.  I can see why they picked the Floral Crush dress as the centerpiece of the collection.  I really love it!

Let me know your thoughts if you have pieces from this collection!