No Unicorn Tears

So, I finally bought Organicals Deep Conditioning Creme from Ingredients to Die for.  I went all in and bought the 7 lb container, 112 ounces.  I weighed it and the full container was exactly 7 lbs. so it’s not really 7 lbs of product since the jar and lid weigh something but that is just a minor complaint.

Honestly, I was expecting this to be a holy grail product based on the price point and the reviews.  It wasn’t.  It is definitely not made of unicorn tears. I have fine 4a textured hair and maybe it’s just not a product that works that great for my hair texture?

Organicals Deep Conditioning Creme

Organicals Deep Conditioning Creme

I tried in on dry hair and wet hair.  I used it as a cowash conditioner, a rinse out conditioner, a deep conditioner with no heat and a deep conditioner under my steamer.  I also used it as a base for my leave in and it just did not work for me in the way I had hoped.  Not to mention, it’s sort of slimy.  I find myself washing my hands over and over again as I apply this product.  I will probably use up this jar, and share with friends (and let DH use it on his waist length locks), but I will not purchase again.

Have you tried this product?  If so, how did you like it?