Nature’s Gate Henna Conditioner

I am not a kitchen beautician or a mixologist by any means.  I have been interested in trying henna on my natural hair but I did not want to go through mixing the henna or even applying it because all the photos and videos I’ve seen make it look very messy.  Instead, I decided to try a product with henna already in it – Nature’s Gate Henna Conditioner.  I picked up a bottle from a local grocery store and have been using it for several weeks.  I’ve used the Henna Conditioner as a deep conditioner and I also used it as a leave in.  It’s very thick and creamy, which I like in a conditioner.

As far as henna goes, I have not noticed any color change in my hair from using this conditioner.  I have been wearing twists outs for weeks and have used this conditioner each time.  I did not expect to see a color change so that is positive.  What I have noticed is more moisturized hair and more stretched twist outs.  I use aloe vera gel for hold and for my leave in I use henna conditioner as the base.  I am really enjoying using this conditioner and will absolutely purchase again.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.