Live Nudes!

I finally found a nude heel!  I was looking for a nude heel for about 18 months and finally found a shoe that works.  In case you are not aware, nude heels lengthen your legs so if the color is off, the effect does not really work.  Nude shoes don’t have to be an exact match to your skin tone. In fact, they should probably be a shade darker or a shade lighter so it does not appear, from a distance, that you are walking around with no shoes on.  Some Black celebrity women are reported as wearing a nude shoe when really it’s just a beige/taupe shoe.

Nude shoes can be worn with anything. Where you could wear black shoes you can also wear nude. They are very versatile (maybe more so than black shoes) and also flattering.  If you find a true nude shoe that matches your skin tone (a shade darker or a shade lighter is okay too) it will give the illusion of longer legs which can make you look taller and thinner.

I am not a fan of floral patterns but have seen many nude shoes paired with floral dresses in the summer. The nude shoe will make sure the focus is on the floral dress.  I like nude shoes with red and bright colors. A lot of people wear red with a black shoe but with a nude shoe the red stands out even more.

These are some shoes I’ve tried during my search for the perfect nude in case you’re interested.  The nude shoes I purchased, in addition to the bird cage Calvin Klein shoes and the Jessica Simpson snake skin shoes are Vince Camuto Sarika in smoke taupe calf cloudy patent.