Komaza Protein Hair Strengthener Sep16


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Komaza Protein Hair Strengthener

I am LOVING my new Komaza Protein Hair Strengthener!  This is my fist time trying a protein treatment beyond Aphogee 2 minute and I had no idea what to really expect.  I have the lotion version.  I read that the old version was more of a liquid (spray).  I was working on the computer doing my CLE classes (have to click a button every 6 minutes) so I decided not to use a dryer but instead I left the treatment on overnight to dry.  It took me about 18 minutes to apply.  The product went on easily and gave me tons of slip, which I didn’t expect.  I combed it through my hair which I had separated into 4 sections.  I two strand twisted my hair as I finished applying the product.  I ended up with about 8 twists.  The smell is sort of sweet which is great since I heard many protein treatments smell awful.

The next morning when I was about to rinse out the product, I noticed that my hair was dry but not hard.  I was expecting hard, crunchy hair but the Komaza product did not hardened, it just felt like conditioner dried on my hair.  I felt a difference in my hair right away – it felt stronger but not dry or brittle.  I rinsed it out and added Aubrey Organics Blue Chamomile conditioner and put my hair into a ponytail to run my errands.  My curls were super defined and seemed less frizzy.  I finally see what I’ve been missing by not doing protein treatments.  I do still love my Aubrey Organics GPB and I will continue to use it but Komaza will be added to my rotation at least once per month.


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I think I can get about 6 uses out of this bottle, maybe more if I am not too heavy handed.