How Long is Too Long?

How long is too long for natural hair, or hair in general?  As some of you may know from his photos on this blog, my husband has locks.  His hair is type 4a in most places, from what I can tell when it grow out, and it’s well beyond tail bone length.  It doesn’t seem that long to me though since I see him everyday.  He has a large amount of locks that reach beyond his tail bone and a few that reach the bottom of his buttocks, hip length.   He let me take this photo a few days ago so he could see how long his hair has grown.

This is ten years worth of growth, with trims every year for the first 6 or 7 years.  He has not trimmed his hair in the last few years and intends to cut it evenly at tail bone length once all his hair reaches that point.   If you thought that only women grew out layers, nope, men too.

If you ever wondered how long is too long, from one man’s perspective once your hair is resting in your assets, it’s become too long.  To work around this problem until he is ready to cut his hair, he keeps it in a ponytail or in twisted style to make it shorter.

how long is too long - natural hair TBL tail bone length