Honey and Olive Oil for Natural Hair

I decided to try a honey and olive oil deep conditioner on my natural hair to add moisture and shine.

I put together a video clip here: http://youtu.be/GTA6CcoN28c

I am preparing to do my first henna treatment and know that I will need to moisturize more often so I am trying something new.  I added extra virgin olive oil and honey to conditioner that I already had at home; however, you can use the olive oil and honey with no additional ingredients for the same results.  I felt that the addition of conditioner would help it rinse out better.

I used about 2 tablespoons of honey and about 3 tablespoons of olive oil and about 3 tablespoons of conditioner.  It was a bit messy since the container I used was on the small side.  I mixed the ingredients until it was a thick, golden colored hair treatment.  I applied my mix to clean hair from root to tip and left it on for about an hour covered with a plastic cap.

It rinsed out easily and my hair felt amazingly soft….more so than usual.  My hair also had a bit of shine, more so than normal.   To me, my hair normally looks dry after washing until I add my leave in.  I covered my hair with a t-shirt to get out some of the moisture (an hour while I watched a show on television) and went about my normal routine.  I did not add my leave in until after I dried my hair somewhat with the t-shirt.  I wanted to see if my hair would have any added shine, and it did, in my opinion.

I did my usual twist out after adding buttercreme and gel.

Let me know if you have tried honey and olive oil and how it works for you.  I plan to add this treatment to my hair routine for added shine and moisture.