Henndigo Moroccan Henna Powder with Organic Indigo Powder – Strand Test

I ordered Moroccan Henna powder and organic indigo powder to dye my hair and did a strand test on shed hairs to see what color I would get.  Some people call this mix henndigo.  I used one teaspoon of henna and mixed it with warm, bottled water.  I used one teaspoon of indigo and mixed it separately with warm, bottled water.  I then mixed the henna and indigo together and applied the blended mix to clean, damp shed hair that I had washed with a clarifying shampoo.   I let the mix sit on the shed hair for 7 hours (I went to bed), covered in plastic wrap and inside the closed bathroom since it is the hottest place in the house.  At the minimum the paste should be left on for 2 hours.  Although the mix looked green when applied to the shed hair, I saw some brown tones when I went to open the plastic to wash the hair.  I rinsed out the henndigo paste until the water ran clear and washed the hair with conditioner and deep conditioned the hair with a conditioner, honey and olive oil mix for one hour – which is exactly what I intend to do with my own hair.

I let the shed hair dry and examined it against my own dry hair to see the color.  My hair shrinks a lot.  The shed hair became a tiny ball of tangled hair after all the processing.  I cut up the hair and clipped the henndigo pieces to a bobby pin.

The color change seemed obvious to me, a darker brown color than my own hair.  I took a few photos of the bobby pinned hair placed against my own hair to show the color change.  I understand that henna can change color over the course of a few days, it oxidizes.  You should be careful to use non sulfate shampoo for the first 48 – 72 hours since they can strip the henna.

I am trying henna for the conditioning benefits and for the color.  I will henna and indigo my own hair and see if I get the same results.