Hair Rules – Express Blow out salon experience

I had not worn my hair straight in some time and decided to try out Hair Rules Express Blow Out, which I read was $55.  There was a lot of buzz about Hair Rules products, which I had never tried, so I thought the best place to try them would be the salon.

When I arrived I checked in with reception and was asked to take a seat.  My stylist, forgot her name, came over to get my jacket and offered me a drink.  She had a huge, curly afro so I thought I hit the jackpot.  I figured someone with natural hair would know how to deal with my hair.  I selected tea.  When she came back with the tea, I was asked to put on a cape and she went to work examining my hair.  While at the sink, she gave me tips about washing my natural hair such as using conditioner and not shampoo (something I already knew).  As each product was used on my hair, she let me touch it and smell it as she explained what the product was doing to my hair.  It was a bit like an infomercial.

My conditioner was added and I was put under the dryer.  After my hair was rinsed, it was time for the blow out which was initially painful.  After adding the blow dry cream, she combed my hair from root to tip.  As she combed out my hair to section it, she also combed from root to tip.  I had to take the comb from her to show her how to comb my hair without hurting me.

My blowout was finished pretty quickly (I have fine hair) and then she flat ironed it.  I did not take note of the type of flat iron used but do know that I was burned by it a couple of times.  She put some curls in my hair with the flat iron.

Once I was done, she went to write out my “prescription” which noted the products used on my hair.  I asked for a trim but was told it would be an additional $85.  I passed on the hair rules trim.  I paid $57 & change for my express blow out and left a tip.  I then went to a Dominican salon for a $5 trim.  I later went to the local beauty supply store to buy a comb attachment for my blow dryer.  I am pretty confident that I can get better results at home.

hair rules - express blow out

hair rules - express blow out

hair rules - express blow out - trim