Elf Tinted Moisturizer Oct28


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Elf Tinted Moisturizer

My skin issues led me to try ELF tinted moisturizer spf 20 and I love it! I bought espresso at the ELF store in NYC (near NYU). I went to a dermatologist recently because I noticed light spots on my skin and I learned that I have seborrheic dermatitis on my face.  Apparently it’s normal and lots of people have it.  I am using prescription face wash and cream to clear up the issue.  I was also told to start using a daily moisturizer with spf.  In the meanwhile though, I wanted to cover the light spots.  I haven’t bought makeup in many years, since my wedding and I don’t know how to apply it.  Enter tinted moisturizer!

I did what everyone probably does these days and searched online for a moisturizer with spf and I came across reviews and YouTube videos about the ELF tinted moisturizer.  I’ve never heard of ELF (http://www.eyeslipsface.com/) but I don’t buy makeup so that’s not unusual.  After seeing all the great reviews, I decided I should at least give it a try and since it doesn’t require any fancy technique or tools to apply, I wasn’t too intimidated.

A clerk at the store suggested espresso and I used it as soon as I got home.  Oh, and it was nowhere near the $40 – $50 I’ve seen for moisturizers.  It was only $3.  SCORE!

I applied this on top of my prescription face cream and was able to get enough coverage to make me comfortable going out.  I’m sure it can be layered for more coverage (I think the term is buildable) but I have not gotten that fancy yet.

I took photos after it was applied and then washed my face and took another photo.  Can you see the difference?  It was very easy to apply (I used my fingers) and it covered the areas I wanted well enough for my needs.

I was very pleased and plan to try other ELF products.  Most of their stuff is under $5 so it won’t kill me to experiment with makeup.