60 Second Wet Bun Natural Hair – Goody Spin Pin

I decided to try my Goody Spin Pin bun on freshly washed natural hair to see if it would look as great as the Goody Spin Pin bun done on an old twist out.  I did not use a comb or brush or gel.  I used only a Goody elastic band, a small comb as a “stopper” and a Goody Spin Pin.  It took about 60 seconds from the time I prepped my hair with leave in conditioner and coconut oil until the time I was putting on my scarf.  I left the scarf on for about 15 minutes to set the style.  My hair was soaking wet so I did not need any gel to smooth my edges.

I filmed the process here: http://youtu.be/YY8Q2zKA67U

I was very happy with this bun.  I was a bit tickled when hubby asked me if I had filler in my bun since he does know a few of the tricks now.

Let me know if you try this style!  It’s still pretty cold here in NYC but since we were driving to brunch I did not mind walking out of the house with wet hair.