Stop! Don’t Buy Any New Natural Hair Products for Your Transition




Stop!  Don’t Buy Any New Natural Hair Products for Your Transition

You have decided to transition to your natural hair, you picked your transitioning hairstyles and now what’s next?  My suggestion is to take stock of the hair products that you already own.  This assumes that you already have some products at home to care for your own hair.  By all means, if you do not have any products, start out buying products that at the least “damaging” for your hair.

There are not a lot of natural hair products for black women on the market.  If you search for mass marketed hair products, most of them are not geared toward natural hair.  Many of the hair products that I had in my bathroom when I started my transition to natural hair were not all that great for my naturally curly hair.  Yes, the hair products I had worked fine on my relaxed hair but managing curly hair is a whole different ball game.

Some sulfate shampoo can be drying while others will not strip your hair of the natural oils.  Some conditioners will not give your hair enough slip to glide a comb through it while others will leave your hair strands coated and heavy, which can mean limp hair.  It is all trial and error until you find the right products for your hair.

When you search your cabinets, take note of which of the hair products have sulfates, petroleum, mineral oil and silicones or any other so-called damaging ingredients.  These kinds of ingredients can strip the moisture from the hair (sulfates) and in some cases block moisture from reaching the hair (silicones aka cones).  Natural hair products for black women need to provide moisture for the hair and not strip the hair of the natural oils.  There is currently a big push for sulfate free hair products; however, not everyone has the same reaction to sulfates or any of the other so-called “damaging” ingredients.

Although there are still a limited number of natural hair products for black women being mass marketed, that is changing and you can always try out hair products from some of the new as well as the up and coming natural hair product lines.

I recommend that you keep using the products that you have already collected to use on your relaxed hair until such time as those products no longer work.